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Erectile Dysfunction

Few things are quite as uniquely embarrassing as Erectile Dysfunction. While the best option for each individual may differ, a man should consider becoming informed, learning the causes, reseraching his options for a cure and ulitmately, seeking medical help. 

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Penile Rejuvenation

Penile Rejuvenation is an injection to rejuvenate and restore thepenis for up to two years. The treatment is a safe and effective for rejuvenating penis tissue. Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) work to repair previous damage and enlarge the male organ.

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Premature Ejaculation

The most common type of Premature Ejaculation is not lifelong. Regardless of the many possible causes, it is embarrasing for any man. But Premature Ejaculation can be conquered!

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Regular Testing

Infertility, prostate cancer, STDs, HIV or regular screenings—we offer testing for all. We cater to men’s sexual needs. Wether gay or straight, all men have needs.

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Operating out of 40 locations, spanning 5 states, Dr. Muhammad Mirza prides himself on discretion in sexual matters. His goal is to help every man and woman, albeit sexually or medically. Founded in 2013, Dr. Mirza's practice was opened on the basis of ensuring every patient was healthy. Years later, his mission remains the same. Dr. Mirza addresses all needs: Infertility, prostate cancer, STDs, HIV or regular screenings. We cater to men’s sexual needs. Wether gay or straight, we know all men have needs and sometimes need help. So, for full discretion, personal care, and professionalism see Dr. Mirza.

  • who deny needing sexual health information.

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