Get the Facts on Vitamin-D

Just fifteen minutes in the sun can give you a daily dose of vitamin-D. But what’s so special about it? Medical researchers have found that vitamin-D protects against heart disease, M.S., stroke, diabetes, depression and more. This essential nutrient can even help you shed a few pounds. Besides sunlight...

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The Phases of Prostate Cancer

Just like other forms of cancer, prostate cancer has phases. Treatment depends therefore on which particular stage the cancer is caught or diagnosed. This classification system is based upon how local the cancer is and how far from the prostate gland it has spread. The stages for this particular...

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breast cancer

Men also develop Breast Cancer

A simple fact that most people don’t know is that every day one in 100 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Still, little if any awareness campaigns for male breast cancer exist. This disease is deadly. What’s more, if men aren’t aware that they can develop it, it may...

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