Over and Under-treatment of Hypertension Can lead to Kidney Failure

Most doctors and cardiologists have traditionally thought that the lower a patient’s blood pressures the better. But a recent a Kaiser Permanente study says that this very strategy can put a patient on the course toward kidney failure and even death. Instead of this strategy, doctors and cardiologists are...

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Men’s Clinic Finds Link between ED and Blood Pressure Meds, Offers Alternatives

The Carolina Men’s Clinic staff sees erectile dysfunction (ED) cases daily. Because of this, Dr. Hansen and his crew have a deep understanding of the condition and what might be causing it. Medication as a cause of ED has become a preoccupation of the organization. The clinic’s Matt Gillogy...

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Debunking Myths about STDs

STDs are on the rise, particularly among millennials and the baby boomer generation. The elderly too are seeing an elevated infection rate. Ignorance and failure to protect one’s self are the biggest culprits. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths surrounding STDs. For instance, lots of people are under the...

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