Who Suffers from Erectile Dysfunction?

What was once called impotence, or an inability to create or sustain an erection suitable for penetration, is now called Erectile Dysfunction. Few things are quite as uniquely embarrassing as Erectile Dysfunction. It is no surprise then, that a man would do anything to conceal his suffering. However, the underlying issue remains. This can lead to problems in his relationship, and his health may suffer as a consequence. While the best option for each individual may differ, a man should consider being straightforward about the matter. Thereby becoming informed, learning the causes, reseraching his options for a cure and ulitmately, seeking medical help.

Any man suffering with Erectile Dysfunction should know that he is far from alone. Approximately 15-30 million men are said to be suffering with him. While there is a younger contingent complaining about the issue, the majority of men suffering are middle-aged and older. About some 15-25% of those men age 65 years of age and older. The body changes as one gets older. A man may need more or different medications. To no one’s surpise then, sex would change as well. As would the positions used, a man’s libido, his stamina, his techniques and so forth. Simply put, it may take more direct stimulation for a man to orgasm. To that end, it may take more effort on his part to stimulate his partner to orgasm as well. And a sudden shock, say a cell phone ring, can make it all go away. However,  this is not considered Erectile Dysfunction. Under the right conditions, such a man could still have a successful orgasm.  

Erectile Dysfunction is not a part of the natural aging process. Thus, no man should feel guilty if he suffers. Instead, it is the symptom of another, usually health-related issue. The topmost causes or issues are a hardening of the arteries, diabetes, or high blood pressure. While some others are substance abuse, the side effect of a medication, or a hormonal imbalance. Still even possible are anxiety or depression, or some other emotional disturbance. Whatever the cause, men shoud know that they are not suffering alone and help is available.

While it is difficult to name the direct cause of Erectile Dysfunction in every man, it is possible to provide treatment. Every man suffering from Erectile Dysfunction is encouraged to do research. As part of his personal reasearch, a man may try some safe tests himself with the permission of his physician. There are many articles and tests available online. For example, a man could place a series of overlapping stamps around the base of his penis. If the seal is broken in the morning, he would find that he can have an erection after all.  However, to ultimately receive the help he needs, every man suffering from Erectile Dysfunction should talk to his doctor or uroglist. To find the cause, a physician will get his medical history, perform a physical exam, and may have him run some at-home tests.

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