Hooray for Same-Sex Parents!

Evidence shows that children of same-sex parents are being raised very well, as compared to children raised by opposite-sex parents.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced its approval of same sex marriage. “Children thrive in families that are stable and that provide permanent security, and the way we do that is through marriage,” said Benjamin Siegel, who co-authored the policy statement.  “The AAP believes there should be equal opportunity for every couple to access the economic stability and federal supports provided to opoosite-sex married couples to raise children.”  What are some reasons that are aligned with the belief that same-sex parents are doing an excellent job? 

They Intentionally Have Kids
The frequent unplanned pregnancies experienced by opposite-sex parents are not in the mix with same-sex couples.  It is not to say that everyone who does not have a child in a planned way is doing poorly as a parent. Nevertheless, when gay couples plan to have children, a lot goes into that choice. They must first decide to have a child by what means. Thereafter they prepare by counting the cost, exmaining their motives and qualifications as parents. Rarely are these decision made in pure haste. To that extent, planned-parenthood-parents tend to be more attentive, passionate and motivated about raising their children.

They Care for the Neediest Children
While there is little data available now, it is common knowledge regarding parenthood: Some of the neediest children up for adoption are saved by needy parents themselves. That is not to label gay parents as typically “needy.” Rather, we emphasize the fact that these parents are searching for a child for their home. Rarely do parents search for a child, rather they would normally conceive—albeit under unfavorable circumstances.

To that end, it has been found that 60 percent of lesbian and gay parents who adopt do so across racial boundaries.  This makes it possible for minority children to get out of the foster or orphan system when it would otherwise be too difficult for them. Again, some studies haves shown that same-sex parents also go for older children. When kids are older than 3, it is much more difficult for them to be adopted. Not shockingly, a majority of those adopted are special needs children.

They Encourage Tolerance
Many who were raised by lesbian and gay parents say that they learned empathy and open-mindedness growing up. They were not taught to stereotype genders, and thus were more accepting and tolerant of others due to of their upbringing.

Their Chidren Do Well Academically
A review of research on same-sex parents and their children from 2010 reported that GPAs were up to par with kids of heterosexual couples. One study showed that boys of lesbian parents had a higher average GPA (2.9) compared to those of heterosexual parents (2.65). Teen girls of lesbian moms scored on average the same (2.8) as those with heterosexual parents (2.9).

They Raise Confident Children 
How can being raised in an environment with gay or lesbian parents can bring about confidence in kids? A study involving lesbian mothers with or without partners who intentionally had kids, not bringing them into the family from a previous heterosexual relationship, showed that they raised more confident kids than heterosexual parents. This was likely because of more involvement in their children’s lives. While the same can be said of a heterosexual single-mother, here we note that these children are fostered out of decision.

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