We all see the leading Hollywood stars in the latest blockbuster movies. We see their ribbed abs, their flowing hair, their insanely chiseled features, and their smiles that will knock your pants off. Of course, if everything is so deliciously appearing, you would think your Hollywood man-crush has it all. He has a fortune, the love of a beautiful partner, the admiration of thousands, and the attention of almost everyone around him.

Though one can be very fortunate in most cases, it does not mean they have been lucky in life. After all, Mother Nature knows no fame. So your dream man may be armed with a deadly package in the bedroom, or he may be left needing some more. Consider the following list of male stars, but take it with a grain of salt.

Mick Jagger

The rockstar and famed lady’s man has been called out by band-mate Keith Richards for having a “tiny dodger,” as the Cockney guitarist put it. If it is true, he is far from alone, but it undoubtedly does not affect his sex life.

Brad Pitt

According to Julliete Lewis, Brad is not as well endowed as one would imagine. Evidently, whatever is below his belt is less than legendary, his ex from the 1990’s, revealed at a concert. Even George Clooney, a close friend of Pitt, once placed a “Small Penis Onboard” sticker on his car. Was it just a joke? Or was it meant to out him? Who really knows!

Jude Law

A plethora of men and women have dreamt of this sexy man but, in 2005, Law was taken down a peg. A sneaky paparazzo was able to take a picture of him naked. The photographer, it seems, was hoping to find out if the rumors were true. Though it is hard to believe, they supposedly are true.

Daniel Craig

Craig is doing a new James Bond movie, and we certainly wish he would save us from danger. Although the gruff, leathery Englishman packs heat in these films, allegedly in the bedroom, there is much left to the imagination.

Enrique Iglesias

Iglesias has to be one of the smoothest, sexiest Latin lovers ever to exist! He is also very comfortable with himself, so much so, that the singer has admitted to having a small penis. Can you just imagine how he uses it? Anna Kournikova must be the only one who knows. Nevertheless, size is not always what matters, if you know how to use what you have, and we are sure that Enrique does.

Nick Lachey

The couple we were fascinated with was Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Still, behind closed doors, there supposedly was never as much action as we thought. In 2006, Simpson said that Lachey was not as impressive in the size department as she had hoped. Though we must admit, we still want to check it out for ourselves.

Ashton Kutcher

This megastar was exposed by Brittany Murphy in 2008 on Letterman, for being less than impressive. Murphy allegedly got the details from Demi Moore, with whom Kutcher was once very intimate. Though, the That 70’s Show actor never spoke up to deny the claim.

Ultimately, we will never know the truth about these men, unless one of them reveals what he is packing. But in the meantime, it does us no harm to continue picturing them in the way we want. After all, “the motion of the ocean” and our imagination can take us a very long way.

Lastly, whether famous or not, if you or your partner are not being satisfied in the bedroom, talk to a doctor about it.

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