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Dating Site Includes STD Status

Dating Site Includes STD Status

A Canadian man is suing a woman he met on Tinder for giving him herpes. Apparently, the couple met on the dating app and had sex on two consecutive nights before she admitted her status to her partner. The man contends that she only did so after experiencing a breakout which led to him becoming infected as well. To avoid incidents like this, a new dating site allows one to upload their STD test results. So not only can you be matched by appearance and personality traits, but your STD status as well, or lack thereof.

The site is called MateSafe (http://matesafe.com/). Their tagline is, “Live Safe, Love Safe.” This is pertinent in the midst of a resurgence of STDs particularly among teens and young adults. One in three people have an STD according to the CDC. Yet, according the founder of MateSafe Dr. Jeff Collier, on traditional dating sites everyone claims to be STD free.

The Atlanta-area chiropractor thought that proof of such a status was a better way for strangers meeting online to feel safe enough to get to know each other better. Users can upload their test results straight from a doctor’s office or clinic. Since the paperwork is not altered, it can give daters a lot of peace of mind. This information however is safeguarded through encryption. One needs to provide a pin number in order to allow another to see their results, thereby protecting user privacy. Experts say the STD status is a tough topic to broach, and can devolve into judgment and stigma easily.

It is particularly difficult in very conservative or religious communities. But using the website can extend to you and others the information required without having to have that conversation directly. Every sexually active adult should undergo an STD screening once per year. Those at high risk should be tested three or four times annually, including men who have sex with men (MSM), those who had a recent incident of unprotected sex, intravenous drug users, and sex workers. Talk to a doctor or urologist if it is time for you to get screened.

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