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Foods that Boost Sex Drive

From ancient times until the veritable “Spanish Fly” was invented, up until today, the search for aphrodisiacs have plagued the minds of men. But food scientists and nutritionists have found natural ways to boost one’s sex drive, through food. If you have a special date and you want to get her motor running, see if she’s a seafood enthusiast. Oysters, scientists claim as did the ancient Romans, increase the libido. The Romans would point out the shape of the mollusk and what it suggests. Cassanova in The Story of my Life said he ate 50 for breakfast. They are jam packed with zinc which scientists tell us increases testosterone production, the hormone associated with arousing the libido. Oysters also have an overabundance of dopamine, a hormone that makes one feel really good. Another classic, hot peppers or hot and spicy food in general. Not only does it feel a bit tingly and naughty, the heat, heightened senses, and breaking a sweat are biologically similar to that which is experienced when sexually attracted or aroused.

Psychologists proved that this heightened state could mistake arousal in “the shaky bridge” experiment.  Here two groups of people had to cross a bridge in order to reach an attractive female researcher and fill out a survey. One group had to cross a high, unstable bridge. Another group had to cross one that was less shaky and not as high. The first group of men was more likely to call the female researcher later on, mistaking their fear response for physical attraction. It was because they felt an increased heart rate, a bit warm, and sweaty, the same phenomenon one experiences in the throes of passion. Hot peppers or hot and spicy food gives a similar result. See if your date likes spicy food. Make sure you eat this one together, or else the smell may overpower one of you. The interestingly shaped garlic increases circulation, so says Maryland University’s medical center. Men’s Health reports that more blood flow increases arousal for both sexes. In Mahayana Buddhism garlic was always considered an aphrodisiac, especially when cooked. The monks were told to avoid it because of this. Lastly, a few little glasses of alcohol of some kind can lower inhibitions, but it can also lower performance. According to a study from the University of Florence, women who drank one to two glasses of red wine per day had increased biological desire.

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Dr. Muhammad Mirza

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