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Foods That Help Boost Your Libido

Foods That Help Boost Your Libido

Usually in the teens and twenties, most men’s libidos are racing forward. They cannot stop thinking about sex. But as we age, our sex drive slows down. Middle-aged and older men lose a tiny bit of testosterone each year as they grow older. Moreover, putting on weight, the stress of a career, and other changes can also affect a man’s libido. The best way to lift a flagging sex drive is to live a healthy lifestyle. That means watching your weight as belly fat absorbs testosterone—the hormone responsible for the sex drive. Exercising regularly, both cardio and strength training, can help increase one’s testosterone level. Getting enough sleep and managing stress in a healthy way is important, as is watching how much you drink and steering clear of illegal drugs. One often overlooked place is the diet. But what you eat can make an enormous difference. Here are some foods that can help boost your libido.

One of the things that can help are electrolytes, particularly foods rich in zinc. Figs are a great choice. This small, bite sized fruit is chock full of nutrients including potassium, iron, calcium, and yes zinc. Since it has a lot of fiber, it will satisfy you without adding to the waistline. Eggs are back in the healthy column again, as far as dieticians are concerned, but this time for good. They contain lots of aminio acids which help you to overcome heart problems and avoid ED. Cashews are also a great choice. Full of zinc, these, nature’s apostrophes, also contain lots of essential fatty acids which are good for the cardiovascular system, and can aid functionality. The same goes for almonds. Watermelon has been compared with Viagra for its ability to boost nitric oxide in the system. This relaxes blood vessels and makes it easier to form an erection. Berries have been called superfoods, black raspberries among them. This variety has phytochemicals that can boost endurance and libido. A healthy diet with the right foods can help. But there also may be other health issues such as low testosterone, a thyroid problem, depression, and more. Be sure to see a doctor or urologist if you believe you are experiencing sexual problems including a low libido.

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