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Healthy Habits That Can Improve Male Fertility

Healthy Habits That Can Improve Male Fertility

Women go through great pains to ensure their fertility is in tiptop shape when trying to conceive. Unfortunately, men don’t always look at their lifestyle choices and other habits and the impact it may have on theirs. That’s a shame, because male fertility issues account for half of all cases where a couple has an inability to conceive. Male infertility or subfertility doesn’t show any signs or symptoms, normally. To know for sure what’s going on, a semen analysis is required. Still, with the right lifestyle, most men can boost their fertility and so the chances of conception. One thing to avoid is being too sedentary. Prolonged sitting, in addition to being bad for your heart, also warms the testicles, which can cause a sharp decline in sperm count. Office workers should get up once per hour to stretch their legs, or take a walk around the office.

Don’t keep a laptop on your lap for prolonged periods. The extra heat and radiation can sink your sperm count. One study found that radiation from personal electronic devices effects male fertility. Knowing this, try to limit the amount of time your cell phone is in your pants pocket. When you sit down, try to place it on a desk or table some distance away. But don’t forget it there. Limit your exposure to air pollution. Pesticides, toxins in the environment, and heavy metals can all effect your fertility. Feeling stressed? Chronic stress can cause your testosterone level to tank, and with it sperm production. Find healthy ways to de-stress. Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, select something that you like and works for you. Make de-stressing a part of your daily routine. Watch what you eat. Junk food, smoking, and imbibing too much alcohol can all effect male fertility. Get some exercise, particularly lower body cardio. And lastly, if it’s been more than 12 months of unprotected sex without any results, each person should seek out a physician for a fertility check. An urologist is the appropriate specialist for the man.

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