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How Much you Ejaculate Says Something About Your Health

How Much you Ejaculate Says Something About Your Health

A lot of attention has been given to the inability to form an erection. But little concern surrounds another common male problem, a decrease in semen volume. Men wonder as they age whether or not less ejaculate released after orgasm has any bearing on their health. Surely, no one is keeping a measuring cup on the nightstand. So it can be hard to gauge just how much has changed over time. The average amount of semen released is 3.7 ml or just over one teaspoon, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But experts say when a significant decline in the amount of semen released occurs, it may say something about a man’s health. For most, a decrease in semen volume as one ages is normal. For some men this starts early, even in the 20s or 30s. But most do not notice the change in volume until later in life.

A significant drop in volume may be telegraphing an underlying health problem. One is hypogonadism, also known as low testosterone. Along with less semen, trouble forming an erection, low energy, fatigue, moodiness, and other symptoms occur. For men taking alpha blockers for a heart or urinary condition, one of the side effects is decreased semen quantity. Another cause is diabetes. Usually this is type-2 or the age-related variety, and the patient may be unaware that they have it. It can damage nerves and blood vessels, such as those dealing with sexual health, resulting in erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory problems. Sometimes diabetics experience retrograde ejaculation meaning that they orgasm, but nothing comes out. Semen enters the bladder, instead. This will not hurt the man. But it can cause concern in the aftermath of sexual relations. A spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis may also cause a loss of semen volume to occur. If you have noticed a large drop in the amount you ejaculate and are not sure why, consult with a physician or urologist. You will want to find out if any sort of condition is causing it.

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