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How to Tell Someone You Gave Them an STD

How to Tell Someone You Gave Them an STD

Those having intercourse outside of a long-term, monogamous relationship, beware. STDs are on the rise, and have been since 2000. Although it has mostly effected the 15 to 24 year-old crowd, middle-aged and even older adults have been affected. It is crucially important to protect yourself against STDs and use protection each and every time you have sex. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we are being safe, when we really aren’t. Of course, this is real life and everyone makes mistakes.

Catching an STD doesn’t mean it’s over for you. You will get past this. Yet, few things in our society are more socially maligning than the STD. Know that they are exceedingly common, and many are curable. Still, it’s a hard thing to admit to, especially to someone you care about, or someone you were intimate with. You don’t want to be taken down a peg or be diminished in their eyes. Even so, you have to tell them or you are putting their life, and the lives of their partners, at risk. So how do you broach the subject?

First, be sure to sit down with them and have a face to face talk. This is not something you want to send in a text, unless it was a one night stand and you’ll never see them again. Otherwise, make sure you are in a private space free of distractions. Address with them your feelings and respect for them. Keep it brief. Stay calm. If you were in an open relationship or not committed, you may need to remind them of it. Let them know you care deeply about them and would never want to put their health at risk. Give them all the medical information you have, how you found out, and what kind of treatment you are undergoing or what kind is available. Be open about it and allow for any questions. If they get angry or fly off the handle, apologize and leave. A mature adult should know that these possibilities are out there.

It’s important to do the right thing. Even if the other person acts in a negative way, you can sleep well knowing you did right by them. It also shows what happens when a serious problem is at hand, something to consider when thinking of taking it to the next level with someone. Know too that every sexually active adult should get tested once every 12 months. If your time is up, talk to a doctor or urologist and get screened.

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