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Is PE Actually an Illness?

Is Premature Ejaculation Actually an Illness?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the condition where a man orgasms before he or his partner is truly satisfied. Though every man experiences it now and then, there are those who do chronically. PE in the medical sense is ejaculating between one and three minutes after penetration. Today, there are methods, drugs, and other strategies to overcome PE. Some researchers say, PE may have been an evolutionary advantage for our ancient ancestors, as the short time allowed for the delivery of genetic material quickly, in order to secure one’s genes were passed on. There is some research that expounds on a genetic component. In that, some experts wonder whether or not PE is even a condition which should be treated at all. Dr. Vincenzo Puppo and his daughter Dr. Giulia Puppo hold this view. They are world renowned sexologists at the University of Florence. Despite prescription medications available for the condition, the Puppo’s counter that this should not be treated with drugs but with certain exercises instead.

PE was first codified as a condition in 1915. Between that time and the 1990s, it was considered a psychological issue. Today, there is a multibillion dollar industry to cure what is now looked at predominantly, as a medical condition. Though a man is often depressed or mortified in the wake of PE, most that experience it are adolescence who are new to sexual encounters, at least according to these experts. While somewhere between one in five and one in three men have experienced PE, only one in 50 are life-long sufferers. For many, it is thought that a prolonged period is needed to achieve the female orgasm. But other types of stimulation can help achieve this as well. Some women may not want encounters to last too long, either. Currently, there is no medical definition of just how long intercourse is supposed to last. That’s up to the individuals engaging in it. Of course, some men, that one in 50 group, can benefit from medical attention. There are many reasons why a man might experience PE. For those who want to safeguard their health and find out what’s going on, talk to a doctor or urologist and see what’s what. 

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Dr. Muhammad Mirza

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