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Little Known Medical Facts about the Penis

Little Known Medical Facts about the Penis

It has long been said that men are preoccupied with what resides beneath their trousers. But for all this preoccupation, lots of men know little about certain phenomenon surrounding their penis, which could be to their detriment. Here are some uncommon medical facts which can help you better understand and maintain your sexual health. Are you a smoker? In a culture obsessed by size, this fact will make anyone swear off the habit. Smoking can shorten the length of the penis by as much as a centimeter. The reason is chemicals in tobacco smoke constrict blood flow and harden arteries, including the ones that feed the penis and cause an erection. Luckily, there are a whole host of products and plans to help you quit and keep you smoke free. Lots of men worry about size, but 85% are average according to a UK study. Very few are small. Some men try and measure themselves to see. Be sure to do so when erect. A flaccid penis does not accurately tell erection size. In fact there are two different kinds of penises. One looks big most of the time but doesn’t become bigger when erect. Some call this a shower. The other is one that lengthens and expands as an erection takes place, or a grower. Only 21% are showers. 79% are growers.

There are lots of middle-aged and older men who experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction but can’t understand why. Oftentimes diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or depression is the cause. One reason often overlooked is an enlarged prostate. If you experience sexual dysfunction, consult to your doctor right away. Most doctors agree that a circumcision can help keep the penis clean and free of any complications. But a little known fact, studies have shown that the circumcised also have a lower risk of acquiring certain sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV. Still, there is a movement out there to preserve the foreskin. For those who have lost it and want it back, a reconstructive procedure is available. During the surgery, extra skin on the shaft is cut and pulled toward the head. A plastic ring is then used to keep it in place. Learning more about your penis can help you understand which things about it are healthy, and which are not. Plus phallus facts are fun too.

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Dr. Muhammad Mirza

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