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Does a Lot of Sex help Maintain Prostate Health?

If you are a lady’s man, you may have an added bonus you aren’t aware of. Players get maligned socially. But in terms of prostate health, those who sleep with more women have a lower risk of prostate cancer, according to a new Canadian study. 3,200 Men from the Montreal metropolitan area took part. Those who had been with over 20 women within their lifetime saw a 28% reduction in prostate cancer risk, compared with those who had been with just one. Previous research supports the notion that frequent ejaculation protects against prostate cancer. Researchers at the University of Montreal School of Public Health conducted the study. Assistant professor at the university Marie-Elise Parent was its lead author. She said that a reduction of cancer causing agents within the prostatic fluid due to frequent ejaculation may be the answer. These findings aren’t final however, merely preliminary.

Of course there are other factors to consider, such as the risk of pregnancy and exposure to venereal disease, which can overshadow the health benefits multiple partners can bring. Parent said, “I don’t think we can say that (sleeping with lots of women is good). But I think men want to hear that.” She added, “It shouldn’t be for prostate cancer that a man would decide to do that.” Chairman of urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City Dr. David Samadi said the study is misleading. The benefit derives “not so much from the number of partners, but the frequency of ejaculation,” he said. The study had other interesting results. Men who never had sex had twice the risk of developing prostate cancer than those who had experienced intercourse. For men who only have sex with men, the risk of such cancer increased. But researchers were quick to point out that the risk to gay men was not statistically significant, and more research was needed.  The results of the study were published in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Epidemiology. So the next time someone calls you a player, let them know you are merely protecting your prostate.

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Dr. Muhammad Mirza

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