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More Men are Experiencing Retrograde Ejaculation

Have you ever had an orgasm where nothing comes out? This is called a retrograde ejaculation. It can be caused by certain medications, conditions, or surgical procedures. Today, more men are experiencing this than in the past. Instead of semen exiting the body through the tip of the penis, with retrograde ejaculation, it actually enters into the bladder. Usually when we ejaculate, semen travels through the seminal vesicles and into the prostate gland. From there, one tubule leads out through the penis, the other through the bladder. Usually, the bladder helps push the semen along. When the muscles in the bladder fail to contract however, semen can enter into it. Though it sounds strange, you won’t feel anything different. It won’t hurt either. Next time you urinate, the semen will be flushed out. Diabetics, those who have undergone prostate cancer surgery, or are on prostate or certain other types of medication, may experience retrograde ejaculation.

If you aren’t in any of these situations however, or even if you are, it’s important to see an urologist to determine what is happening. Cincinnati urologist Kevin Campbell, M.D. says, “One cause for retrograde ejaculation in healthy guys is an obstruction, like a blockage in the urethra.” A slow urine stream is one of the main symptoms.  A neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis could also be at the root of the problem. If you have been having a lot of sex within the same timeframe, don’t worry about not ejaculating; your problem probably isn’t retrograde. “The seminal vesicles that store semen can only hold so much, so if you have sex multiple times a day, your body doesn’t have enough time to build its supply back up,” says Campbell. “At some point, you’ll have used up all your seminal fluid and nothing will come out with your orgasm.” If you’re experiencing retrograde ejaculation, don’t go to the emergency room. Campbell says, “It’s not urgent, but it’s not something to be brushed off either.” Make an appointment with a doctor or urologist, should you be experiencing retrograde ejaculation.

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Dr. Muhammad Mirza

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