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How often is Infertility Caused by the Male?

How often is Infertility Caused by the Male?

Couples can become stressed and frustrated by an inability to conceive. Though it may seem like a problem only the two of you are having, infertility is actually quite common. Around 15% of couples struggle with it. This is defined as having unprotected intercourse frequently for 12 months or more without success. Male infertility may be responsible for 20-70% of cases. Generally speaking, physicians say the problem resides with the male around 50% of the time. Lots of things can cause male infertility.

Low sperm production, abnormally shaped sperm, blockages, DNA damage, are the most common causes. This may be due to an injury, illness, another health problem, or lifestyle choices such as smoking. A tumor may also be at fault, as can an autoimmune problem, such as the sperm being attacked by the immune system. Sometimes an underlying disorder that is inherited, dilated veins surrounding the testicles, or a hormonal imbalance is at fault. A blockage which disallows the passage of sperm is another common problem.

There aren’t always signs or symptoms for male infertility. Some of the most common include sexual dysfunction such as the inability to ejaculate or ejaculating a small volume. A lump, swelling, or pain in the testicles, and ED or reduced desire. An inability to smell and recurring respiratory infections, believe it or not, can signal a fertility problem. Abnormal breast growth is often a sign of a hormonal imbalance, as is the loss of body hair.

Most commonly, a low sperm count is to blame. This is considered fewer than 15 million sperm per millimeter of semen. It can also be defined as less than 39 million sperm per ejaculation. For those couples who believe they have fertility issues, an appointment for each of you with a specialist is recommended. For the male, that means visiting with an urologist. Fortunately, there are many fertility options available. One should be right for you.

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