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Orgasms May be Different after Prostate Cancer Treatment

Orgasms May be Different after Prostate Cancer Treatment

In the wake of prostate cancer, patients often say that their orgasms feel different. In a recent study of those who had undergone a radical prostatectomy or surgical removal of the gland, 37% said their climax was less intense, and 4% said it was stronger than before. After treatment, recovery can take some time, even a couple of years. Functionality will change over the course of that time, usually improving incrementally.

Partners should take part in sex, and patient’s masturbation, even if functionality has not returned. It will help with the healing process. Many men who have functionality just find that things are different. For instance, a large number of patients say it is much harder for them to achieve climax after surgery. Others say their orgasms last longer, but the intensity is not as it once was. Another common occurrence is dry orgasms.

This is when semen is not released from the penis. Instead, it enters the bladder at time of orgasm. Though men find this worrisome, actually it will not cause any health problems. The only issue is in the case of the couple wanting to conceive. Many men experience some level of erectile dysfunction after treatment. Couples often find it surprising that a man can still achieve orgasm. Some men complain about lacking feeling. But oftentimes this does not stem from treatment. Instead, it usually stems from anxiety, stress, or eve age.

As we get older our sensation changes. In this sense play, exploration, and identifying new sensations that you enjoy may be required. No one has to give up sexuality. Instead what acts take place and the repertoire used in the bedroom need to change as things progress. Be sure to address any questions you have with your doctor or urologist and request an appointment should you be unsatisfied in your sex life post-op. Lots of patients are reticent to discuss sex with their doctor. But actually, there is a lot of information, techniques, and therapies available today.

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