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Positions That Can Increase the Chances of Conception

Positions That Can Increase the Chances of Conception

Trouble conceiving has increased ten times in just over the past two decades. It’s still a mystery as to why. Today, 25% of couples have difficulty conceiving. In half these cases, it is a low sperm count or the shape of sperm that is of issue. Both partners should take steps to increase their fertility. For men, that means wearing the right underwear, watching one’s weight, eating a healthy diet, getting exercise, and plenty of sleep. But couples together can also increase their chances of conception. Bringing novelty into the bedroom can help. Also, the position you engage in could also increase the likelihood of fertilization. Dr. Marilyn Glenville is a UK fertility specialist. She says some experts believe the position in which you have intercourse in and right afterward can increase the ability of sperm to enter the fallopian tube. Here are some positions that experts say increase the chances of conception.

Though there are no studies to prove it, Dr. Glenville believes positions where the man is on top have an advantage. Also, aim for deep penetration. The closer a man ejaculates to the cervix, the less distance the sperm have to travel in order to reach the egg. Those positions that defy gravity such as the woman on top are less likely to cause conception. Doggie style or a position where the women is kneeling in front of her man makes the angle of her body perfect for conception to take place. Dr. Marylin advises against the spoons position or anything with shallow penetration. She also warns against men and women waiting too long to start a family. The older each person is, the harder it is for conception to take place. If you and your partner have been trying for six months to a year without conceiving, each of you should be evaluated by a fertility specialist. For a man, making an appointment with an urologist is appropriate.

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