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San Fran Sex Club incorporates Technology

Mission control, a sex club that is members only, has been incorporating San Francisco’s techie vibe with a more sex friendly subculture (sfgate.com). This San Fran sex club incorporates technology into its affairs. The private club has steadily grown to 500 members and is run exclusively by volunteers. Polly “Superstar” Whittaker is the founder of this club. She says she sees many more tech workers coming to the club nowadays. It may not be that more techies are interested but that there are more techies in the city to begin with. As tech companies have moved in, expanding out from Silicon Valley, more and more technology based companies are settling into the bay area. Though it is bringing a renewed energy and excitement to the club, it’s also making older members chafe, though Whittaker says that the club is for everyone.  She said in an interview, “Mission Control is a space for all the different types in San Francisco. Normal people need a place to f- too, not just the freaks. We started Club Kiss parties for these buttoned-up tech types. Now it’s our most popular night.”

Google employees for example have been spotted at Mission Control events. Though they are new arrivals, they don’t seem to be taking over. Techies are just entering the mix and bringing a new vibe to an old institution. Techies are well educated, open to new ideas and many today have ideas of exploring sexuality, and opening up our traditional notions of love, courtship and marriage. Captain of Mission Control Jason James said of this, “The time and place that we’re in right now, it’s kind of our own summer of love.” Professionals who use their creativity to change the tech landscape during the day are looking for new ways to enhance their lives and experience new things at night. One new experience they are bringing to the scene, tying someone up with Ethernet cables. Below floors is kind of a mixer with a bar, chocolates and a dance floor. But upstairs on the second floor is where all the action happens. There are rules however. There is a “dungeon master” who acts like a referee. Noise is supposed to be kept to a normal level. There is no incorporation of fire nor should anyone end up bleeding. Unfortunately Mission Control has just been evicted, even though all of their paperwork for the city is in order. Whittaker says she is determined to find a permanent space for the club. With more techies on the roster, perhaps it won’t be too hard to find and keep such a location. Just remember that if you are in the area, Mission Control is members only. Perhaps reach out to them and find out what the membership process entails.

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Dr. Muhammad Mirza

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