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The Link between Diabetes and Sexual Dysfunction

The Link between Diabetes and Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction if far more common than you think. It is estimated that 10 to 20 million American men suffer from this condition. The majority of all men, 52% of those age 40 to 70, will experience it at some point in their lifetime, particularly as they grow older. Though there may be a trend of ED development among younger men, it is rare to experience it under the age of 30. ED is not inevitable. Men in their 70s and 80s can enjoy a healthy sex life, if properly managed. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is the onset of cardiovascular disease. Clogged up arteries leading to the penis make it hard for blood to enter and form an erection. That said, there are a lot of other conditions that cause it, and the runner up is diabetes. This can occur both in the type-1 and type-2 varieties. If one’s glucose or blood sugar level is left unchecked for prolonged periods, it damages nerves and blood vessels, including those that help an erection to occur.

Of course, there are many other causes of ED. Just because one has diabetes does not mean this is the reason. Cancer, the onset of Parkinson’s or M.S., a hormonal imbalance, smoking, drug use, and emotional problems such as depression or anxiety, can all cause or contribute to the problem. Being evaluated by a medical professional is required to get to the bottom of what exactly is at its root. There are lots of therapies and treatments available to restore sexual functioning, no matter the cause. Viagra (Sildenafil) has been shown effective in helping diabetic men get their sex life back. Those on nitroglycerine for heart disease however should not take Viagra. There are also a minority of men that experience side effects. But other interventions are available, one right for each situation. A vacuum pump, penile suppositories, injections, and many other intervention techniques are also available. Whether diabetes or not, ED can be cured. But a doctor or urologist must first become aware of the problem. If you are suffering from ED, be sure to reach out to a medical professional. Diabetes or some other serious condition may be causing it.

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