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The Type of Sexual Dysfunction Nobody Talks About

The Type of Sexual Dysfunction Nobody Talks About

We are used to hearing about women who do not orgasm very often during sex, but never about men. Those who experience delayed ejaculation however only orgasm 20% of the time. Most men are familiar with premature ejaculation or orgasming too soon for he and his partner’s liking. With delayed ejaculation, it can take forever for a man to climax, making his partner sore and both people frustrated. Around eight percent of men wrestle with this condition according to Dr. Tobias Köhler, an urologist at Southern Illinois University HealthCare. Generally speaking, delayed ejaculation is considered lasting 20 minutes or more without orgasm occurring. These men feel embarrassed and less than fulfilled. The condition can also hurt their relationship. Though fairly common, few men are aware of this disorder. Since the majority of men’s sexual health issues revolves around erectile dysfunction, those with delayed ejaculation often fall through the cracks.

Since it’s less common, Dr. Köhler says men with this condition are more reticent to talk about it with a medical professional than say, about ED. However, Köhler urges men with this condition to speak with a medical professional. He says the problem doesn’t originate from the act of ejaculating itself. Instead, it comes from at an inability to orgasm. These men can still engage in sex and have fun. They just can’t reach completion. For every five times such a man has sex, he will only be able to orgasm once. There are a variety of causes. Medication such as antidepressants, illness, and psychological disorders may be to blame. To treat this condition, the physician will ask several questions such as what medications you are on, any history of illness, and so on. A serious medical condition may be at fault such as a thyroid problem, the onset of M.S., diabetes, and more. Due to this, men experiencing delayed ejaculation are urged to talk to a physician or urologist and have it checked out.

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