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What Does Less Force Behind Ejaculation Mean?

What Does Less Force Behind Ejaculation Mean?

Men often do not know what to expect from their sexual functioning as they age. For instance, it is common for erections to take longer to form and they may be softer. A man should still have the ability to take part in penetrative intercourse. But touching may be required, when in the past visual stimulation did the trick. Older men tend to have a longer refractory period—the time it takes from orgasm to forming another erection. Lots of men in their 40s and 50s too find that when they do orgasm, their ejaculation has a lot less force behind it than it did in the past. The quantity of semen that comes out may also decrease. As we age our pelvic muscles become less robust. For some men however, it could be related to the health of the prostate. Another aspect is body fat distribution. So for those who have put on a significant amount of weight over the last few years, this may influence the force of ejaculation and the amount of semen released. There is one thing you can do to strengthen these muscles, Kegel exercises.

These are exercises used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, the ones that control urinary and bowel movement. They can also help stave off orgasm for men who feel they finish too early, giving one’s self and one’s partner more pleasure. Find these muscles and tighten them for five seconds, then slowly relax for five seconds. Do several reps like this often and you will strengthen these muscles, helping to alleviate the condition. But also come to understand that our body changes as we get older. It is best that we learn to adapt and accept these changes. It is also important to have a doctor or urologist examine you. A prostate problem may be the cause. Always discuss differences in erections, urinary frequency or continence, orgasms or ejaculation with a healthcare provider, just to make sure no underlying condition is at its root. If nothing is wrong with you, you can chalk it up to just another change that comes with aging.

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