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Vacuum Constriction Devices (Penis Pump)Vacuum Constriction Devices (Penis Pump)

For men with erectile dysfunction, and even those just seeking for stronger erections, a vacuum constriction device may be worth considering. More commonly called a penis pump, a VCD typically consists of an acrylic tube with a hand pump on one end, and a band on the other. The pump helps to create a vacuum, which increases the penis’s erection in both size and hardness. The band is used to constrict the base of the penis, which helps maintain the erection.

Can You Have Sex After Using a Penis Pump?

Definitely! Studies suggest that 50% – 80% of men are satisfied with their penis pump, and part of this success is in having better sex. The constriction band can stay on during intercourse with your partner, safely for up to 30 minutes, though may not be necessary if the erection can be maintained after using the pump.

If the VCD is acquired without a prescription, be sure the pump has a “quick release” valve. There may be a risk of injury if the pump cannot release it’s vacuum or releases it too slowly.

Penis pumps are safe to use for those with erection dysfunction, including those whose ED stems from poor blood flow to the penis, prostate or colon cancer, and anxiety or depression. VCDs also work well for those seeking or have sought out male enhancement, including those who’ve undergone nonsurgical procedures like PRP male enhancement.

If you’re interested in using a vacuum constriction device to increase the quality of your erections, it’s best to consult with an ED professional.

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