The most common type of premature ejaculation is not lifelong. Perhaps as a result of anxiety over sex, or being a late bloomer, premature ejaculation is embarrassing for any man. For a late bloomer, usually, his first time was with a partner could be with someone who’s had more sexual encounters than him. After that, his partner may have made a negative remark about his body or sexual performance, or he felt embarrassed. Additionally, any negativity may worsen his condition. As a result, he may swear off sex, remain critical of sex or the idea of having a relationship. A situation like this is a typical case of premature ejaculation.  

What Can Be Done?

However, once a man comes in for treatment, he can have a total sexual transformation! Premature ejaculation is curable—or at least manageable—in many different ways. But a man must take steps to resolve it. For example, if he has anxiety over sex, he will have to work to address the mental blocks he has raised to reconnect with his sexuality and his libido. Or perhaps, he may have to research and try different medications, if his current prescription is causing, or worsening, his condition.

There Is Hope!

Nevertheless, once a man learns how to prolong his performance, his negative thoughts and anxiety regarding sex will fade. To that end, he may even begin pursuing relationships again, this time with more confidence! He will need an understanding and empathetic partner at first as this will help him to experiment with his sexuality. Namely, what he likes and dislikes, how to please himself, what turns on him and what helps him orgasm. Though naturally, why would one get into bed beside someone with whom he is not in tune?

In review, premature ejaculation can is conquerable! Though, the first step is to find out the cause behind it. For that, make an appointment with your doctor or urologist soon.


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