Have you ever watched porn and wondered how something could be so big? Well, do not be deceived, those men are exceptional and rare.

The Truth and The Average

In the United States, the average erect penis size is 4.7 inches to 6.3 inches long. In truth, the commotion surrounding penis size far outweighs reality. Even so, more and more men are concerning themselves with this issue. According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology International, 85% of women are satisfied with their partner’s size. Yet, in the same study, 45% of male participants concede that, in their opinion, they are too small.

It is true, a large member might be more appealing visually. But just because it looks better does not mean that it is necessarily wanted. Truth be told, many women and men prefer average sized penises because they hurt less. The vaginal cavity is only but so deep, not to mention that a rectum can only expand but so wide!

The reality, however, is that only 20% of women orgasm through penetrative, vaginal intercourse.  Oral sex, foreplay, and touching—these are the sensations that drive most women to orgasm. As for men, though the actual orgasm is different, the way you get there counts just as much. Foreplay, oral sex, and stimulation by touching all add up when it comes to relaxing one’s partner for anal sex.

The Truth and Your Sexual Skills

Indeed, these are sexual skills that any man can hone in on and improve if he cares enough to try. For those who have anxiety over penis size, a 2014 study should ease their concerns. Researchers have found that in the matter of one night stands, a small penis may not measure up very well. Mainly because during a one-night stand both partners just want something quick and meaningless. A larger penis can give just that—a quick, empty orgasm. Though it is important to note that a small penis here refers to one less than 4.7 inches in length.

However, in the matter of a long-term relationship, a small penis measures up extremely well. Herein partners can work through their concerns, they can explore each other’s bodies, and they can learn how to stimulate each other best. If you prefer one night stands, far be it from anyone to judge, just know that if you truly have a small penis, things may not work out the way you expect. That said, most people prefer to have an authentic, long-term relationship with someone who is loving, supportive, and truly interested in them. A relationship like this really makes for better sex, no matter the size.

Seek Medical Attention When Appropriate

In conclusion, some men worry about having a micropenis. Though in reality, less than one percent of the population actually has a micropenis. If they do, it is a condition that requires medical attention that is not only manageable but, can also bring pleasure as well. If you think you are too small, consider voicing your concerns with your partner. They may put your mind at ease. Then perhaps consider seeing a specialist and researching your options.