When young men first start having sex, they can easily be overly excited and suffer from premature ejaculation. An experience like this usually ends in embarrassment. But of course, as they age, most men become accustomed to sexual encounters, and the problem falls away. However, for some, it does not fade.

For these men, medical intervention should not be ruled out. Or, the condition may even have a genetic origin. Even so, there is a theory that premature ejaculation may have been an evolutionary advantage, allowing certain men to plant their seed before rivals could supersede them.

All of that said, today premature ejaculation is considered a hindrance. So, what are some reasons why you may be over-excited in bed? And what are some things that you can do about it?

4 Factors That May Cause Premature Ejaculation

  1. Do you only prematurely ejaculate when you masturbate? If it just happens when you masturbate, consider changing the circumstances surrounding your private research. Or, consider changing how you please yourself.
  2. Do you only prematurely ejaculate when you are with a partner? What is it that overstimulates you? What goes through your mind while you are in the act? If you can narrow down these causes or circumstances, then you can address them with your partner to reduce the frequency of the condition.
  3. Do you feel like you cannot compare to past lovers? Or, do you feel like you will never be able to please your partner? Sometimes over-excitement can be caused by performance anxiety. In this case, you may want to try some relaxing techniques before, during, and after masturbation and intercourse. These techniques, such as yoga or mindfulness, can help reduce the stress brought on by the act of sex. However, if your anxiety stems from low self-esteem, building up your value of yourself, getting reassurance from your partner, and using affirmations—all before, during and after sex—can aid in the fight against premature ejaculation.
  4. Are you taking any medications? Some drugs have premature ejaculation as a side effect. In fact, some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may also suffer from premature ejaculation as a consequence.

5 Methods to Resolve Premature Ejaculation

  1. Can you invest more time In your partner? Before engaging in sexual contact, some men make sure that they are ready to go and this may result in ejaculation before one’s partner has even had the chance to get started. To resolve this, consider investing in foreplay. Because some men and women often take longer than their partners to get worked up, if you rush to penetrative sex, you may be rushing your partner. But, if you get their engine running, and you put their needs before your own, your performance can last much longer.
  2. Is foreplay not enough? Then, could it just be the sensation that is causing you to ejaculate prematurely? If foreplay does not suffice, try wearing a condom. Condoms, in general, reduce friction and slow down the process to orgasming. Even so, there are some that have a numbing agent. Or, there are lotions made just for that purpose.
  3. Could you try to control your ejaculation? Further adding to your sexual toolbox, Kegel exercises can help. These exercises give you better control of your pelvic muscles, thereby allowing you to stop an ejaculation before it happens. It is probably best to practice these exercises during the day but implement the stopping during masturbation for practice. Some call this edging.
  4. Could you combine any two acts of foreplay? Incorporating concurrently any two forms of sexual contact into your performance may make the entire experience last longer for your partner, and it may be more satisfying for you. For example, try combining oral sex with another form of foreplay in another part of the body.
  5. Could you please your partner first and then please yourself? Since penetrative intercourse is the way most men orgasm, perhaps try putting your needs aside altogether. First, work on your partner. Use all of the sensations that please them, and bring them to the point of orgasm. Then, move on to penetrative sex for yourself.

Your Sexual Toolbox

Look at repertoire. Can you add any of the above to it? There may be many factors that can cause this condition, but each one of them can is conquerable. To that end, premature ejaculation is usually not intentional. So, a man should not feel bad if he suffers from this condition. In fact, if you suffer from this condition, things can be changed. Talk to your partner and try the above. Try exploring yourself more and see what pleases you. Work on any lingering anxiety and build up your self-esteem. Research your options and talk to a doctor.