Today, more than ever before more men live with the anxiety of this being infertile. In fact, it is estimated that x 14% of all couples worldwide struggle with infertility and, about half of the cases wherein infertility is suspected the fault is attributed to men. Of course, there are a number of factors lying with both partners. However, some men assume that since they are able to ejaculate, there is simply nothing wrong with their fertility. These men are sadly mistaken.

Even if everything seems fine, with so many variables, there is an abundance of factors to consider. In some cases, it may be the functionality of sperm or the sperm count. Perhaps, the shape of the sperm, even so, how well they swim, or even if the DNA they carry is healthy. As it is already, sperm and its production are complicated. Therefore, no one variable can safely be ruled out until appropriate testing has been done. For a prospective father, here are some steps to reduce the effects of infertility.

What To Do

  1. Test your sperm. Using a semen analysis, a lab technician will examine your sperm sample underneath a microscope. The technician’s goal is to identify any abnormality.
  2. Consider changing your lifestyle. Overeating, binge drinking, smoking, steroids, marijuana, illicit drugs—all are very dangerous to your sperm. Quitting these and implementing an exercise routine can help you get healthy.
  3. Reduce stress and get better sleep. Take the time to implement breathing exercises throughout the day as you feel stressed. Remove any extra stress inducers from your life. As for getting better sleep, implement a consistent night time routine. Turn off all electronics about an hour before going to bed, shower, stretch, have sex—do whatever you need to in order to ensure you relax and get restful sleep.
  4. Eat nutritious foods and exercise. Your body feeds on the proteins, nutrients, and fats you provide it. Change the nutrition your body receives and you may change the quality of its performance. To that end, stretch regularly and exercise, and you may see the difference in not only how you feel, but also, how your body reacts to different circumstances.

What To Consider

  1. Avoid exposing the testicles to high heat. Consider switching to boxers, instead of briefs. Avoid—or use sparingly—hot tubs and saunas. To that end, when using a laptop in your lap take breaks, or use pillows. If you work in an office, consider how you sit and how warm it gets down there; move around every so often.
  2. Avoid being sedentary. Being sedentary at work, home, or in other situations, can harm your sperm as well. Move around, exercise, and stretch regularly to allow your body mobility.
  3. Consider your age. For men over the age of 50, sperm has a much more difficult time reaching the egg and fertilizing it. There is also a higher risk, of the potential child having developmental issues. However, if the sperm is pre-analyzed and found to be abnormal, it can be addressed. Even so, it may also be the sign of other health problems.

Whatever the case, if you get yourself in great shape, your sperm will become healthier as well. Moreover, even if you wrestle with infertility, there are procedures that can increase the chances of pregnancy. If you have been trying for more than a year, speak with your doctor and research your options.