The media influences us in more ways than we know. Movies and TV shows portray women who are beautiful, skinny, flawless, curvy models, and men who have six-pack abs, are tall, are muscular, thin, and have a full head of hair. But unfortunately, there is more to the media than meets the average eye. For those who use porn regularly, what they fantasize about can begin skewing their perception of reality. Albeit only momentarily sometimes, because having a partner can help refocus their perceptions, nevertheless, men seem to be more and more obsessed with having—and gaining—a bigger penis. Why? And to what extent have some gone?

Why The Obsession

Studies show that most men are in fact, average sized when it comes to penis size. Most men measure between 4″ and 7″ when flaccid. So, in reality, the vast majority of men have what it takes to satisfy their partner. As far as girth, most men are also wide enough. Regardless, most men secretly wish to be bigger. Why?

Evidently, as manlier men made their debut in films and shows, the ones considered “less than” were cast away. Men who have abs and a muscular build, who are toned and well defined, who have charms and are sexy—they have become the standard. The standard for every man to live up to in appearance and mannerisms. So, it would seem that the media has skewed the population’s perception of penis size.

This gross exaggeration, however, is not just limited to what we see on TV and in public. It has also become the standard for porn as well. These attractive men also boast bigger than average members, and of course, in porn, every video has a “happy” ending. Notwithstanding the men who do not fall victim to this sort of thinking, if you want to be sexy and always have a happy ending, per the standard of porn, you may need to a acquire a bigger asset.

Still, do not be deceived. This thinking is so far off from the truth. So far off that even the mainstream media has called it out as false. A man who has a personality, who can carry a conversation, who knows how to work his magic in the bedroom—this a real man. His size may be whatever it is, but if he knows how to take care of his partner, then he will always have a happy ending.

The Extent of the Obsession

The latest obsession has become jelqing. Blogs and videos abound on the internet, demonstrating and providing information about this technique and how to perform it.

What exactly is jelqing? Jelqing can be compared to milking. Yes, despite the horrible visual, that is basically what the technique is. Essentially, a man forms an okay sign with his hand. Then, he stretches out his penis to the longest it can be. Thereafter, he fondles his penis, stroking back and forth in an attempt to lengthen it. So, as the blood engorges the penis while the technique is being performed, it is believed that the penis tissue will also stretch, effectively lengthening the penis.

Promoters of this technique are not yet sure how it affects the girth of the penis. Furthermore, though sometimes done while flaccid, better results are said to be gained when done semi-erect.

The Dangers of Jelqing

Seth D. Cohen, MD, a urologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, says that jelqing is a recent trend, which became popular sometime after the rise of the internet. Web pages, that promote the practice, claim a man should do it for about 20 minutes every other day to see optimal results. Some sites even offer rigorous programs, which include months-long practices. These are usually coupled with specific vitamin regimens.

Even so, according to Dr. Cohen, instead of making your sex life better, jelqing may damage actually your penis. After all, the nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues in the penis are all hypersensitive. So, stretching the tissue and the nerves of the penis, may ultimately damage one’s ability to form and maintain an erection. Dr. Cohen explains that only recently he saw two cases of young men who hurt themselves so badly, that they now suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The urge to lengthen your penis is normal. But if you are not in love with your size, do not risk hurting yourself through a practice such as jelqing, instead talk to a doctor.