Maybe you are looking for new ways to fit in a workout and want to take advantage of lakes, rivers, and oceans. Here are some awesome water sports you may want to try:

This is also known as paddle surfing. The sport’s origins can be traced back to Polynesia and the surf kings of Hawaii. You stand on a longboard, and propel yourself across the water’s surface using a paddle. It’s actually a serious workout that will help develop your endurance, balance, and strength. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) can be done without waves, too!

Wakeskating and Wakesurfing
If you enjoy water skiing or wakeboarding, you may like the challenge of wakeskating. It also involves being towed behind a boat with a piece of gear under your feet, but the difference is that wakeskates have no bindings, like a skateboard, and you wear water-draining wakeskating shoes. One may wakeskate with any type of boat or a winch. Once you get a good sense of balance, you can learn tricks, such as flipping and spinning the wakeskate, even on flat water. A lot of water sports schools offer lessons – inquire in your area.

Wakesurfing is similar to surfing, but with lower speeds and thinner boards. You begin with a tow from a boat (must be an inboard, to protect you from the propeller), then let go and ride its wake from five to 10 feet away.

Surf kayaking and Wave Skiing
These sports both involve tackling the waves while sitting down inside a compact, maneuverable personal watercraft and using a paddle. The surf kayak has an open cockpit and the wave ski has a closed one. Both sports offer a serious adrenaline rush and workout.

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