The general differences between men and women are many, but the differences in the bedroom are not as many as you would think. True, for the most part, men can get off anywhere at any time, and most women cannot. But really, women are as erotic as men usually want the same things as men, and they crave sex as often as men. We interviewed a few women to find out what they think about when they are in the bedroom. Here is what they had to say.

Sex Does Not Have to End in Orgasm
“Of course, we like to climax, but we don’t experience what men refer to as “blue balls”, so there is no reason to feel terrible or inadequate if you end up getting off before we do. It’s not like we’re going to likely beg you to finish us off. We tend to be just fine with cuddling and falling asleep, or going about our day.”—Sophia, 31

We Function Differently and Are in the Mood the Same Amount
“For many women, desire does not necessarily precede arousal. We have the need to be caressed, touched, loved, and more in order to want sex. Try sneaking up behind us and begin giving us a shoulder massage and work your way down, or grab our breasts. Make sure we’re okay with this, of course.”—Jackie,  25

Foreplay Does Not Begin A Few Minutes Before Penetration
“This is an all day, everyday thing. If you want to increase the chances that we’ll have sex with you on any given night, try telling us we’re sexy in the morning as we’re getting ready to go about our day. You can even send us a text in the middle of the day telling us something nice about ourselves.”—Alessandra, 29

Avoid Exaggerating When You Tell Us We Are Beautiful
“Let’s face it, a lot of us know we have our own flaws, so don’t make outrageous claims about how hot we are. This comes across as insincere and is not effective. We would rather be appreciated for how we actually appear, flaws and all. Be specific about what turns you on about us whether it’s something we’re wearing, or something we do, a quirk we have, or something unique that you’ve noticed. Never compare us to other women.”—Mia, 35

We Want to Get Kinky With You
“Do not assume you are special because you have certain depraved thoughts. It can happen for us, too, so let us know about your innermost desires. The more confident you are about your sexual aspirations, and the more you are honest and open about them, the more likely we are to go with you on your kinky journey.”—Pheobe, 27