Often, we hear things over and over and never bother to question them. There are specific topics with which myths have been associated that float around for a long time. One such issue is sex. That might be because we tend not to talk with others as openly about sex as we do about other subjects. So many myths about sex deserve debunking.

Sex Myth 1: Size Matters
That penis size is an issue to women is a common and harmful myth. A British study found that 85% of women do not care about the size of their lover’s penis. That’s a huge percentage! In fact, what they care most about is the way they feel when with their lover. Still, for some reason, penis size is related to some people’s ideas of masculinity. The truth is that there is no connection.

Sex Myth 2: Only Men Experience Wet Dreams
These dreams, which are sexual, lead to orgasm (and ejaculation), during sleep and usually wake us up. They are common among teenage and adult males. Ejaculation is most often the sign of the nature of the dream. But a report by the Kinsey Institute shows that about 40% of women have had a wet dream at some point in their life. Several other studies have reported that women experience wet dreams.

Sex Myth 3: Oysters Enhance Sex Drive
As food, oysters are controversial. Some hate them, while some love them. But really, that is a matter of personal taste. However, although some studies have confirmed that oysters are aphrodisiacs, none have proved any qualities that are sexually enhancing. Lab studies showed this in rats, but have failed to provide evidence for humans.

Sex Myth 4: Women Cannot Ejaculate
Previous studies were reviewed that found 10% to 54% of women reported experiencing ejaculation during orgasm! Orgasms like these are more than just vaginal moisture, that occurs as a natural lubricant for penetration. This is more; it is a gush or a squirt along with a woman’s climax. Ejaculation, or lack thereof, are both perfectly good ways to experience an orgasm.

Sex Myth 5: Women Lack A Desire For Sex
Research has shown that women are as horny as men. Their sexual desires may be different, though that does not negate that women want sex as equally as men and are usually just as erotic. Society has this idea that women have lower libidos than men, but this is not the case. The Truth is that women are kinky too, but they require more stimulation and emotional foreplay.

These five common beliefs are skewed and untrue. A little bit of truth can go a very long way. Share the facts and revel in your sexual passion.