There are many different ways to enhance sexual enjoyment. Some couples prefer to use sexual tools. Sure, sex toys such as dildos and vibrators probably come to mind, but the term includes a lot more than that. Here are some examples:

What Is A Sexual Tool?

A sexual tool is any toy, technique, multimedia, mechanism that will either create or increase sexual stimulation or pleasure. Specifically, that can mean special clothing, lubricants, sex toys, erotica, restraints for bondage, and so much more. Keep reading to learn how you can incorporate sexual aids into your sex life.

Choose What Sexual Tools Want
Take some time to consider what you want to add to the bedroom. Discuss your desires and needs with your partner, especially if you’re going to be using it with them. Keep in mind that it is absolutely okay to choose something that either of you is open to trying, but may not be sure about. It never hurts to try something just once!

Free Yourself of Expectations
If you anticipate adding something new to your sexual routine with a specific result, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration. Instead, add the new tool to your sex life and adjust accordingly. You may find that it works in a whole new way for you than it does for others. So, keep an open mind going into the experience!

Try It Out By Yourself
Most sexual aids can be used while masturbating alone, as opposed to mutual masturbation which is even more fun. Of course, there are some exceptions. But it may do benefit you both later on if you each try out the tool on your own beforehand. That way you can learn what you like and dislike, what arouses and what excites you, and how you best like to use it. Trying it out yourself increases your chances of success when you introduce it to your partner. And keeping an open mind only adds to the experience.

Find out what variety of things you can do with your sexual tool and be creative. Use your entire body if possible. Immerse yourself in every feeling, every sensation, every nuance. Allow yourself plenty of time to discover all the ways that you can make use of your new tool.

Share and Explore
Include your partner on your journey of discovery. If you want to incorporate this new sexual tool into the bedroom, let your partner see how you use it. Ask them for suggestions and hear them out. Who knows! What they recommend may very well be your next tool! You can even invite your partner to explore on their own and then show you what they have learned.

Try out your tool with your partner. Have fun playing around with it. Take your time while discovering ways you can use it. Take an evening and be patient as you set the mood, get the hormones flowing and ease yourselves to climax using your new tool. Remember, this could involve new activities,  positions, toys, techniques, and so forth that you may have never ever tried.

Do Not Forget To Communicate
Make sure to express how you enjoy using the tool. There are only a few mentioned in this article, but let your imagination run wild, or use the internet. There are hundreds of tools at your disposal. Take advantage of each one of them!

Just imagine, after a romantic evening, you climb into bed and your lover uses a new tool to get to you to the highest point of sensation you have ever felt. Then they gradually build your anticipation to the point that you climax! How incredible it will be when your partner knows exactly what you need and want to reach an orgasm. Never be afraid of openly communicating with your partner, especially when trying new tools. And encourage them to do the same!

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