Lube—when you think of it you may not necessarily want it in the bedroom. It can be greasy, sticky—an overall hindrance. But what if there were some compelling reasons to use lube? What if the key to hot steamy sex was lube? What is lube good for anyway?

Lube Enhances Foreplay

True, spitting in your hand can be a turn on for some. In fact, so many people have kinks that surely using spit as lube is how some get off. But spit is not a guarantee of ease in foreplay. Oral sex aside, foreplay like toys, or mutual masturbation stand to be enhanced by using lubrication.

After all, foreplay can be just foreplay, or it can lead to sex. So, either way, lubrication enhances the situation. The only thing to consider is the type of lube you use.

Lube Reduces Friction

Penetration is only the beginning of the height of sex. Hormones are running wild, care is thrown to the wind, and passion has taken over by this point. So, having to stop because it hurts too much or because your penis feels like it’s chafing is a bummer.

Of course, anal sex requires lubrication. Without it, the anus is not moist enough for penetration, and any attempt at penetration may lead to tearing and bleeding. In the case of vaginal penetration, the vagina usually produces moisture to compensate for penetration. But, in the event it fails to, due to lack of stimulation, for example, lubrication can be a great asset.

Lube Aids in Orgasm

Lube, when used in the correct amount, can be the noblest asset to your sex life. There are some lubrications have scents, while others contain a numbing agent. Still, there are some that heat up or cool down during the act. There is such a variety that trying any or all of them could absolutely enhance your journey to orgasm!

Further, the comfort and ease that lube adds to sex are incomparable. It can help in matters of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, as well as slowing down ejaculation for men. Truly, once you have sex using lubrication, you will never want to go back.

Lube Can Taste Good

You may be surprised by the variety of flavors of lube available.  Including, chocolate and piña colada! Going back to foreplay, oral sex can be taken to another level using flavored lubrication. Even more, lube can be used to tease the body. Apply lube wherever you want your partner to lick, and revel in the sensation. Then reverse the act.

Try Using Lube for Massage Therapy

Massages are a great way to relax. In the bedroom, a massage can build intimacy or increase sensation. In fact, massaging your partner before sex is a great way to ensure that they are relaxed and ready for a sensual experience. While a massage can be given or received dry, using an oil usually reduces friction and the scent can enhance the mood.

Even more, think of all the different areas that can be massaged. Ranging from the head, the neck, and the shoudler to the lower back, the thighs, and even the genitals. Cover your hands in lube, and watch your partner concede to the experience. Of course, reverse the act and relinquish your worries too.

Lube Lasts Forever

You can buy a gallon of lube online. But do you need to? No. A little bit of lubrication goes a long way. In fact, a 5-ounce bottle can last quite a while, even if you have sex daily. That said, reserach different brands and the varities each brand offers. Try different lubes for different senses, toys, scenarious, etc. As you figure out which ones you like best, you can buy them and keep them in your sexual toolbox.

Most important, do not be afraid to communicate how you feel. What works for your partner, may not for you. A product may be too greasy, may not work well enough, may heat or cool too much for your liking, or may simply not smell good. Of course ,you want to be open to trying different things, but never confuse open-mindedness with fear of speaking out. You and your partner can test different options to find the one that suits you both best!