Sex is a fundamental part of any relationship.  Without it, the intimacy shared in a relationship can be strained. However, sex cannot always be planned out or acted out like in cinema movies or porn. One study claims that 75% of men value spontaneity as an essential aspect of sexual chemistry. Spontaneity, though, can be difficult when a couple is busy, but even then, how can you keep your imagination going? How can you keep the excitement from disappearing? How can you be spontaneous without going overboard?

Affirmations Boost Confidence

Affirmations and compliments can be exactly what your partner needs. Such sweet nothings do not merely tighten the bonds of intimacy, but also increase confidence and self-value. This boost in self-esteem can enhance your partner’s mood, which leads you both to make wondrous spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Having self-value is an excellent asset to a person’s life, increasing confidence and happiness. Without it though, a person may lack the courage needed to make small decisions, let alone big leaps of faith. Including, kissing your partner, buying them flowers, or just making them a cup of coffee. Let your partner know how much you value them in your life. Go even further, by letting them know how sexy they are. Affirmations beget affirmations. Sexual kinks beget sexual kinks.

Games Enhance Lust

Some researchers posit that, at heart, we are still cavemen. Is that true? Is it merely conjecture? Who can say? However, the truth is that games are varied and can be so much fun! Ranging from hide-and-seek to tag, even freeze tag, the chase and the find give us the rush of adrenaline for which we naturally lust.

Adding games to your sex life can be the same. Taking usual games like hide-and-seek, tag, charades, etc. and putting your spin on it can yield superb results in the bedroom! Now, this is not to say that mind games are the way to go. But if that is your preference, no one will stop you. What we are encouraging is adding another component to your sex life by using the equations of your favorite games. For more fun, try toys, different positions, even erotica! Simply put, make it fun to get laid!

Sharing Is Caring

Generosity is essential to any relationship. Giving is equally, if not more, important than receiving. But remember to keep your imagination wide open. After all, your turn-ons may be completely different from your partner’s.

For example, someone who never reciprocates oral sex or penetration will likely cause his partner to become hesitant when making spontaneous sexual advances. If they are not sure about how you will react, chances are they may give up trying. Even worse, they may not even up open about their turn-ons. Generosity opens up a possibility of adventures!

Imagination and Erections

Human beings are visual creatures. We see something, we smell a scent, and we are taken back to our favorite memories. Men love observing their partner without any stress. It is merely a matter of imagination. You can compare it to real-life porn, but a thousand times better!

So, next time you are both at home, and possibly in the mood, whip out your sexiest piece of underwear and let his imagination go wild! By combining two of his most favorite things—you and sex—you can drive him insane.

Sexual Sensations

The senses play a large part in sex. Aside from penetration itself, touch, smell, taste, and sight play a significant role in maintaining the mood. If you can convince your partner to try massages during foreplay, then do it sensually. Let your hand move over every part of their body. For a man, caress his groin, touch his thigh, and grab his butt. For a woman, play with her nipples, lightly pull her hair, and rub her back. These are only some examples but see what works best for you and your partner.

Overwhelm their senses, and you can distract the brain from immediate orgasm. At dinner, casually sneak under the table and up your partner’s thigh—it is not only exciting but also creates an immediate erection! But beware that it does not go too far. If his erection is too hard, he may not be able to stand up. Give your partner brief sensual touches, and over time they will add up. When they orgasm, you will both be pleasantly surprised.

These are only five things to consider if you want to add spontaneity to your sex life. Remember to keep an open mind. Try new things. Always communicate what you feel and what you like. Never be afraid to express your concerns and your turn-ons. For more ideas, see the articles, Sexual Tools to Put Fire Back in Your Bedroom,” and “Hugging That Leads to Orgasm—How?