Personal hygiene—an essential facet of self-care. Regarding hygiene, there have been many improvements in recent decades. Consider that a century ago, hygiene was rarely openly discussed. About 60 years later, around 1978, personal hygiene was undergoing dramatic changes. Society as a whole was learning, or about to learn, the necessity of things like deodorant, showering, and flossing!

Now, we are in 2018 and have an abundance of information available on personal hygiene. There are some rules to be followed as proper etiquette, and others are guidelines to any romantic venture. Sure, we are busy, and some of us men bend the rules sometimes Still, adequate hygiene is crucial for (1) the fundamental principle of self-care, (2) overall health and, (3) any romantic rendezvous. Now consider some hygiene manners to keep in mind.

Your Sexy Scent

The way we smell affects the way we are perceived. Human nature is first to discern a person’s self-respect and to treat them accordingly. Which means that if you do not put much effort into the way you smell or appear, you may be jeopardizing your first impressions.

Yes, we should wear clean clothes, and comb our hair. These are good to do before leaving the house. But, take it a step further. If after a half a day of work, you notice that you start to smell, could a change be imminent? The foods we eat, the effort we put into showering, or just the deodorant/antiperspirant we use, or lack thereof, can all contribute to body odor.

If you are unsure of the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant, then fear not. A quick Google search will solve that mystery. Further, try a bit of cologne. Dabble in the world of colognes, and find the one suits your body’s chemicals best. Apply a little bit of cologne before going out, and it may be one of the best things you do before a date.

Your Handsome Face

Your face is the house to some of your best features: your handsome smile, your sexy eyes, and possibly your beard. If you have never thought about washing your face before, then you fit into the majority of the population. Now consider this: your skin has pores. Pores are microscopic holes that let out perspiration. But here is the catch, these craters can also trap dirt, makeup, oils, and much more. In fact, aside from acne*, your body’s reaction to these foreign substances is what forms pimples!

So, what is the solution? Most important, stop touching your face so many times every day. Your hands come into contact with many harmful foreign organisms. The skin on your hands can handle these, and washing your hands will help keep you healthy. But your face is more sensitive, and touching it frequently will transfer these substances.

Second, wash your face twice daily. Every morning you wake up, your face is covered in dust, oils, and other bacteria from the night. So, washing your face in the morning with just water will suffice to clear that up and also refresh you. Additionally, washing your face each night with a gentle cleanser will flush out the oils, dirt, and bacteria from the day. Use a facial cleanser that is will normalize your pH and restore moisture balance.

Your Charming Smile

Sure, you might brush your teeth thoroughly, even twice daily. But did you know that flossing dramatically reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth? Yes, bacteria can get trapped between teeth, along with food particles. Cleaning these out can mean fresher breath.

What is more, thoroughly scrubbing the tongue, and using mouthwash can ensure fresh breath for several hours! Following a routine can even improve the quality and whiteness of your teeth! Still, do not miss going to the dentist for your regular teeth cleaning.

Self-Respect and Confidence

Personal hygiene simply boils down to self-esteem. How well you take care of yourself reflects how much you respect yourself. That is important for two reasons. First, it shows your prospective partner how much respect you will show them. And second, it shows the world how much confidence you have in yourself. Of course, appearance is not what defines you as a person, but that is exactly why confidence and self-respect matter the most.

This article highlighted three areas of personal hygiene where daily attention is essential. Your scent can act like pheromones, drawing people to you.  Clean and moisturize them regularly, because the first impression you make usually involves your face and skin. Your smile may not be celebrity-level, but it is unique—unique to you. The next article will highlight three more areas of grooming where daily attention is vital.


*Acne and general pimples differ mainly in their formation. Generally, pimples are the result of dirty skin or clogged pores, whereas, acne is usually the side effect of puberty. During puberty, the body experiences a rush of hormones. While most of these hormones can coexist in peace, during puberty, they tend to not.