Today we have an abundance of information available on personal hygiene.  Before venturing out to the club, on a date, or to the movies, there are some rules for hygiene and others are guidelines to any romantic rendezvous. We are always busy, and sometimes we can play around with the rules. Still, adequate hygiene is crucial for (1) the fundamental principle of self-care, (2) overall health and, (3) any romantic rendezvous. Now consider some hygiene manners to keep in mind.

The previous article addressed three fundamental rules of grooming: (1) your smell, (2) your face and skin and, (3) your smile. This article will focus on three more—your hair, cleanliness, and underwear.

Your Seductive Underwear

What we wear reflects how much we care about ourselves. Yes, even down to what underwear you choose this stands true. Just think about it, your appearance could at any given moment draw someone to you. But as you undress in any sexy scenario, your partner will see your underwear, and that will contribute to the mood. Imagine seeing a pair tighty-whities or torn boxer briefs just before you start making love. What is the atmosphere now? Even worse, imagine undressing your partner to find out that their underwear stinks!

So, even though it may seem easy to reuse your dirty underwear, do not. Change your briefs every day, especially after you exercise. And as your underwear ages and is faded or over worn, throw them out. That will give you the opportunity to buy new underwear that may be sexy.

Your Personal Grooming

Showers, deodorant, toothpaste, mints, eye-boogers, long fingernails, unkempt hair—these are what we mean by personal hygiene. There is a simple rule to follow when it comes to personal hygiene: If you wouldn’t kiss a person who looked like that, then you shouldn’t look like that either.

Remember to shower. If you just came back from a workout, if you are headed out for the evening, if you just woke up—remember to shower. It shows how well you can take care of yourself. Keep in mind that being sexy consists of three primary keys: charm (having a personality, intellect), appearance (smile, hair, clothes, looks), and scent (smell, colognes).

Further, well-groomed, neat nails are high on the list when it comes to areas of men’s hygiene that attract a mate. If your nails are so long that they collect dirt, then they should be cut. Trimmed nails are part of your health and appearance. Also, if you can, trim your cuticles and use lotion or cream on your hands.

Your Incredible Hair

Manscaping has become a popular trend recently. What is manscaping? In the most literal way, manscaping is landscaping (cutting down shrubbery) on your body. How does one manscape? The most popular areas that are manscaped include the crotch, chest, and back. Some men shave—remove altogether, or reduce—their crotch for several reasons.

Shaving down the hair on your crotch can cause your Member to appear larger, can reduce itching, can be hygienic, but also overall looks cleaner. Some men shave their chests and back because the grain of their hair is too rough, itchy or they have too much hair. For the same reasons, it sometimes merely looks better, Of course, everyone is different and your partner may very well like you hairy. But in the general scheme of finding a partner, keep yourself well groomed.

Only You Can Build The Best You

On a first date, job interview, at the club, wherever you are, the very first impression you make speaks volumes. So, why not show people your best self? That said though, who other than you can build this best you?

When it comes to dressing, grooming, and taking care of yourself, this is your job. Even when you find a mate, this remains your job. Your partner can, of course, help you. But also then you will want to show them how much they are worth to you.

Lastly, let us break the stereotype that only women have to look good. Men should—and can—look great too!