Exercise is very beneficial. Fitness is one of the ways to reduce stress, keep healthy, and bring passion to your sex life. That said though; there are some things that every man should know about exercise. The following are only a partial list of things to keep in mind. So, if you are you physically fit or are working towards being fit, consider these few things.

Fitness Tip 1: Flexibility

One of the main differences between men and women is that men are typically not as flexible as women. Our bodies are designed to be flexible, but when it comes down to it, we just do not put that much thought into it. Nevertheless, flexibility is essential!

Stretching your muscles regularly will help you move more efficiently and can also help you keep injuries at bay. Stretching before a workout can make your exercise more effective. Stretching after a workout, during your cooldown session, can help you relax your muscles. In fact, stretching your muscles releases tension, thereby relaxing them, and reducing stress.

You can improve your flexibility by searching for stretching techniques online. You could also attend a pilates or yoga class. Or, you could buy a DVD, or rent a video on Prime or any subscription service. Ultimately, give attention to your shoulders, lower back, and hamstrings. These need to be worked on the most, compared to other parts of your body.

Fitness Tip 2: Take Your Time

A competitive spirit can be great for motivation and further progress, but it also has ramifications. You may think that you need to perform all of your exercise routines in quick sets, or rounds, to achieve more and be better results. But this is just not true.

While for some exercises, the faster you go, the more you can accomplish, not the same is true of every activity. Weightlifting is one, for example. As you lift slowly, you increase the amount of time your muscles remain tense. Remaining in that agitated state allows an increase in blood flow to those muscles. The process helps develop muscle mass. So, take your time. Figure out what pace you should be working at for each exercise.

Fitness Tip 3: Be Adventurous

Your routine is probably custom for your needs. And that is a great thing! It keeps you balanced and makes your workouts most effective. But, it can also become boring. So, what to do? You may need to explore new ways to get fit.

Try different kinds of machines, techniques, and activities. That can mean working out different muscles than you are used to, even areas of your body you may feel are already well toned. Just think about all that you can do! You can improve your core strength, balance, flexibility, and so much more. If you cannot do this in a gym, then try the park, ask a friend to go with you, or try out a training DVD! The options are endless.

Fitness Tip 4: “Whole Body” Workouts

You read “whole body,” and you think you already have got this figured out. But, there are a couple of factors that you are probably missing. One area where women tend to be better is whole body approaches, a holistic approach. What does that mean?

In simple, holistic means “whole body,” including psychological (mind), physiological (emotions), and physical (body). Reports show that this approach holds many health benefits. By working out your feelings, you can connect better with your physical, and in turn, release negative thoughts and toxins from your mind. Holistic training techniques can improve fitness if done correctly.  It can aid in the reduction of stress. And some holistic activities, like Tai Chi, can improve bone health.

Fitness Tip 5: Rest and Recover

Every time you workout, you should allow your body enough time to rest and recover. Resting allows your muscles to partially return to their previous state in just enough time to tense them up again. In fact, resting can help prevent burnout, loss of motivation, and other injuries.

Taking a day to rest also means that the next time you work out, you will likely train more effectively. You should ideally take a day off from exercising every two to three days. Keep well-hydrated and be mindful of allowing those parts of your body to rest. If you still want to do something on a rest day, try some stretching.

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