What is Sexual Health Men?

Operating out of 40 locations, spanning 5 states, Dr. Mirza prides himself on discretely caring for people’s sexual, medical, and cosmetic needs. He indiscriminately helps every man and woman.

Founded in 2013, Dr. Muhammad Mirza opened his practice on the basis of ensuring every patient was healthy and beautiful. Years later, his mission remains the same. He addresses a number of needs, including but not limited to:

Sexual Health Men is just that—a site focused on men’s sexual health. No matter age, race, sexual orientation, or religion, we know all men have needs. With full discretion, peruse our site, and when you’re ready, make an appointment to see Dr. Mirza.

Asking about sexual health or dysfunction can be embarrassing, so Dr. Mirza has provided this site as an online resource for men seeking answers to sexual health questions or having sexual health difficulties. Peruse our F.A.Q. section and our in-depth blog posts.

What If I Have Questions or Concerns?

You can call/text Dr. Mirza’s private number (973) 493-7607 or  you can fill out this form.